BYAS was founded in Chicago at www.insidetheplant.com  in late 2018  with a vision of innovating at the interface between the circular economy (zero waste and sustainable re-use of limited resources) and the wealth of our planet’s algal resources. This breakthrough site plays a vital role in

bringing anaerobic digestion to its rightful place as the foundation of a sustainable urban food chain.

BYAS is committed to researching, developing and

implementing new ways of making our food better,

more accessible and healthier and to reducing the

environmental burden of food production on our

precious planet.

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Leonard Lerer

Our Founder and CEO is an MD MBA with almost 30 years of life sciences R&D, finance and management experience

Rob Agterberg

Our Chief Marketing Officer and Head of International Operations brings international experience in management consulting. 

Marc Peter Geytenbeek

Our Chief of Public Affairs and Head of Europe brings experience in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing

Seth Little

Our SVP for sustainable agriculture brings scientific knowledge and hands-on experience in agriculture and vertical farming .

Chloé Placines

Director of the joint Bubbly Dynamics - BYAS Algae Digester laboratory 

Prof. Peter Lammers

Our Principal Scientific Advisor is an internationally recognized algal scientist specializing in extremophile species

Erik R.

Erik leads our cellular agriculture laboratory

Jiyan Cen

Jiyan is research scientist in our Circular Economy - Cellular Agriculture laboratory

Jay Pleckham

VP of Bioprocess Engineering

Katie Spear

Katie is Director of Operations in Chicago

Tony Milewski

Tony is our principal Mycologist



We are honored to collaborate with John Edel, Founder and CEO of Bubbly Dynamics, the owner and operator of The Plant. John’s vision, his unfailing support and our shared commitment to circular economy principles have been critical to our success.


BYAS extended family includes our interns, temporary staff, consultants, Bubbly Dynamics staff, volunteers at The Plant, innovators and other startups and we wish to recognize the contributions of Cedric KamalesonMike Phippen, Nikki HuynhCarolee Kokola, Lucas van BeersAlex Enarson, Jeremy Piacente, Felix (@felizreef), Matt (@kombuchade) and Tyler Bogartz.


As BYAS grows, we will extend our Advisory Board that currently includes Professor Peter Lammers (Principal Advisor – Algae Sciences), Ira van Eelen (Principal Advisor – Cellular Agriculture) and Professor Bernard Lerer (Principal Advisor -Biomedical Science).