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AFN introduces...

The Future Is Circular

Resurgence of Algae in biotech

Where's the waste?

Algae is the new popcorn

The Oldest Species of Life is Re-shaping the World of Food, Health and (cellular) Agriculture

Are Investors Ready To Change Their Minds About Psychedelic Drugs?

How algae's potential could make other ingredients green with envy

I Tried a New Rival to Impossible’s Heme, and it Could Be A Game Changer


Accelerated Germination and Improved Early Plant Vigor with Phycocyanin-Enriched Spirulina Extract Seed Coating

Phycocyanin-rich Spirulina Extract for the Bioremediation of Contaminated River Water

Phycocyanin-rich Spirulina Extract (PRSE) Enhancing the Microbiome in Bioremediation and Biostimulation

Bioremediation of Diesel Contaminated Soil

Using Biostimulation with Phycocyanin-Rich Spirulina Extract

From the microbiome into the cell with algal stimulants - a role in making vertical agriculture sustainable?

Scientific Presentations

See and hear our story on how we built a research lab in Chicago.

Interview by Anant Joshi - Plant CEO

Is algae the alt-protein we have been waiting for?Interview by Elysabeth Alfano - The Plantbased Business hour.


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