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The Future of Food is not a Steak

Cell-based food companies (beef, chicken, seafood and fish cellular agriculture or lab-grown meat) are attracting substantial investor...

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AFN introduces...

The Future Is Circular

Resurgence of Algae in biotech


Where's the waste?


Algae is the new popcorn


The Oldest Species of Life is Re-shaping the World of Food, Health and (cellular) Agriculture


Are Investors Ready To Change Their Minds About Psychedelic Drugs?

How algae's potential could make other ingredients green with envy

I Tried a New Rival to Impossible’s Heme, and it Could Be A Game Changer


 Startup BYAS Develops Flavouring To Elevate Plant-Based Seafood


How can vertical farms use less energy

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Transforming the enemy into a friend


Accelerated Germination and Improved Early Plant Vigor with Phycocyanin-Enriched Spirulina Extract Seed Coating

Phycocyanin-rich Spirulina Extract for the Bioremediation of Contaminated River Water

Phycocyanin-rich Spirulina Extract (PRSE) Enhancing the Microbiome in Bioremediation and Biostimulation

Bioremediation of Diesel Contaminated Soil

Using Biostimulation with Phycocyanin-Rich Spirulina Extract

From the microbiome into the cell with algal stimulants - a role in making vertical agriculture sustainable?

Tipping the scale in vertical farming. Significant increase in yield in hydroponically grown strawberries.

Scientific Presentations

See and hear our story on how we built a research lab in Chicago.

Interview by Anant Joshi - Plant CEO

Is algae the alt-protein we have been waiting for?Interview by Elysabeth Alfano - The Plantbased Business hour.