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BYAS 2020 Row Crop Biostimulant R&D program

Building on our successful initial 2019 studies with BYAS-A601, our lead agricultural biostimulant, we are working with Tidewater Agronomics in North Carolina on a series of soy experiments.

- BYAS-A601 coated seeds will be grown using standard farm protocols with varying applications of BYAS-A601 liquid solutions;

- The aim is to emulate real life farming conditions and demonstrate that BYAS-A601 speeds up germination, increases growth and improves yield;

- Tidewater Agronomics, a top-tier CRO uses UAV technology to monitor the health of experimental crops;

- The seeds are coated with BYAS-A601 and a carrier developed by Oil-Dri.

Loading the seed spreader with BYAS-A601 coated seeds

Planting the BYAS-A601 coated seeds

BYAS-A601 (the blue color in the transparent fluid lines)

BYAS-A601 in delivery tank

BYAS-A601 coated seeds in furrow

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